About Us

Blessings of the Journey

Cynthia’s journey has been blessed with opportunities to engage with those who lead, 

those who rise to great power,

those who entertain and lift spirits,

and those who gift of their time and talents with no expectation for glory or return. Working with business leaders and volunteers around the world has been an enormous blessing and teacher on a daily basis.

Walking side by side with Chairs of the Board, senior staff, and CEOs of multi-million and billion dollar companies, leading national and international organizations, coaching, and consulting has illuminated the best and the worst that can cross our paths on any given day.

How we interact with each other and make choices in the moment impacts us as individuals, as well as those who could be the beneficiary of our actions as true servant leaders. Whether built from integrity, caring, and enriching goals, or power, self-interest, and shortsighted desires, we create the world that we live in with our words, voices, actions, and inaction.

Traveling this journey of learning through leading, consulting, teaching, and coaching, Cynthia’s path has been blessed by those who created moments of unbridled giving and love to others in the business sector, as well as the volunteer arena, and was also intersected by others’ cold, ruthless, and thoughtless interactions.  And yes, they are both educators extraordinaire.

As we experience some of the most challenging and innovative times human history has known, it is often tempting to find the easier route to comfort, success as the world defines it, and stability. Cynthia looks forward to sharing stories and observations from the journey. “Come with me as we sample from the buffet of life’s feast.  I’ll save you a seat at the table.”