Workshops & Retreats


Facilitated Dialogues:

Design your next meeting or retreat with a facilitator who enhances the dialogue around the particular strategic focus, opportunity, challenge, or innovation that your team is working on. Bring your executive team/leadership team, board, department, or council to the table and achieve more results in a day or a weekend than you could have ever imagined with a strategic partner dedicated to listening to you and shepherding your journey.

Board Retreats:

Is it time for the next strategic visioning retreat? Are you in need of some dedicated refocusing time? Does the leadership need to coalesce around a particular topic? Partner with a CEO with over twenty years of experience leading with Boards of Directors, transforming organizations, and navigating through challenging circumstances. We’ll design an unforgettable experience that will help your Board have the breakthroughs, creative design moments, and collaborative leadership opportunities that take your organization to the next level.

Leadership Development:

Share your leadership dilemmas whether succession, individual professional development, team collaboration, young professionals’ growth, or generational issues. We’ll put together a participative program that will guide them through a series of discussions, experiences, and content that will have them leaving with new insights, a full tool box, and a framework to operate within to help them navigate a complex business environment.

Or consider the Leaders’ Catalyst Program

Executive & Leadership Presence:

Engage in a day of interactive exercises that leads your team on an exploration of what has happened to leadership, and its corollary to modern day executive & leadership presence, including the leadership imposter, how you “be” versus who you “are,” abundance/scarcity mindset, values, the continuum of validation, the journey of 15’s, leadership styles & applications, career & influence branding, relevance, risk-taking, self-care, impact, leading through internal & external shifts, collaboration, partnership, the impact of being willing, creating a coaching culture, and generational affects. Collaborators, followers, and customers are always watching. Foundational knowledge in these areas impacts the effectiveness of your executive and leadership presence. Masterful integration of these skill sets, your behavior choices, competence, and ability to work through people will define the trajectory of our impact on our organization’s success.

Creating a Coaching Environment in the Workplace:

Bring your executive/leadership team to a one-day retreat to learn the basics of creating a coaching environment in the workplace. Experience and develop new skill sets around coaching employees through role-playing, guidance by a Certified Master Coach, and feedback from each other. Leave with a team that has a better understanding of techniques essential to developing a generation of collaborators that expect constant feedback, while maximizing their individual potential.

Soul Sittin’ Retreat:

Come to the mountain and do some Soul Sittin’ with a group of like-minded seekers and believers who desire the space to see what God has for them next, personally and/or professionally. In a weekend of fellowship through structured and unstructured time, you will have the opportunity to stop, reconnect with yourself and God, work on co-creating the next phase of your life, and discover how to articulate your story as it is unfolding.

Start your journey with The Empty Front Porch: Soul Sittin’ to Design Your porch to Porch Plan

Contact Cynthia for a Tailored Retreat

Contact Cynthia if you would like to tailor a retreat for a particular group: board retreats, board meetings, executive teams, young professionals, professionals in transition, Christian business leaders, women’s retreats, men’s retreats, church retreats, church staff, sabbaticals, etc.