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The Big Secret


Joining Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul renown, and other successful professionals and entrepreneurs, Cynthia unveils the commonalties that drive success across varied experiences leading national and international organizations as CEO, and today, consulting with diverse businesses, industries, organizations, and leaders. “Align for Impact,” received an Editor’s Choice Award for insights into the role that personal and organizational alignment play in living visions of significance, emboldening missions, and replicating maximum positive impact in perpetuity. Twenty-four questions reveal how you can explore your personal leadership alignment and your company’s capacity for the discipline necessary to contribute the greatest impact.

CEOs’ FIRST 90 DAYS: Breathing Tips for the Other End of the Fire Hose


Whether you are considering applying for your first CEO job or have already said, “Yes!” and signed a contract, preparing for your arrival is one of the most important things you can do. You only get one shot at doing it well and being perceived as masterful. Leading a new business, moving from a company CEO to a non-profit CEO, or vice versa, will call into demand differing skill sets and understanding nuances of how work gets done. The moment is yours. The question is whether the results of your leadership will allow seeking, intention, and execution to intersect and create constant transformation for your business beyond the first 90 days.

Your job now is to become Master of the Fire Hose and control the arc, flow, and direction of the stream of variables to design transformative outcomes for your business. This new CEO tool is a catalyst to thinking through a variety of aspects to this new journey you have embarked upon – both personally as a leader and professionally as the CEO.

This book is a must read for all CEOs and those who aspire to the role. It is a thought-provoking and comprehensive guide to organizational leadership as a chief executive officer.

Gabriel Eckert FASAE, CAE
Executive Director, BOMA GA

I started my first Executive Director role about 9 months ago at the age of 34. I immediately hired Cynthia as my executive coach. After having many successful coaching sessions, she shared with me her book, “CEOs’ First 90 Days: Breathing Tips for the Other End of the Fire Hose.” I had a pretty eventful start with my ED role and reading Cynthia’s book was like therapy for my professional soul. It was amazing how she captured everything single feeling I had as a new ED starting at a new Association. What makes her book different is that she includes exercises and thought-provoking questions that really force you to be honest with yourself and your leadership approach as an executive. I’ve used, and continue to use, her book as a go to guide for navigating tough situations that arise from time to time in my role as ED. If you are an Association executive or aspire to be one, I highly recommend this book.

Donte Shannon, CAE
Executive Director

The Empty Front Porch: Soul Sittin’ to Design Your porch to Porch Plan


Join me on the porch for some Soul Sittin’ to spark your renewal. This is your time to fill up your empty front porch and create a deeper and more compelling life than you can author on your own. Come to the mountain in the storm, travel the back roads to the farm, and share the wanderings that shaped a journey.

The Empty Front Porch is a wonderful book. With insouciance, humor, and first-rate story telling, Cynthia Mills provides a clarion call for a life that is truly worth living. While that would be more than enough, her book also provides a compelling workbook full of the experiential exercises that will turn your vocation into a way of life. If you are seeking a more meaningful life then read this book!

August Turak
author of Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks, contributor, entrepreneur, and speaker,

The Female Factor: A Confidence Guide for Women


Working with hundreds of professionals every year, the author encounters overwhelm as a constant theme today, both at home and professionally. It robs us of our energy, our creativity, our confidence, and ultimately, our success. In her chapter, Lay It Down, Show Up, & Remember, It’s Not About Me, readers are urged to stop and consider how they are choosing to engage in their lives. When we function from ego and external expectations for validation, we will consistently fall short. Our strength comes from seeking the source of the plan for our lives, co-creating by showing up, and remembering that we are a vessel not for our personal success, but for our impact on those around us. When we function from the child-like expectation of it being all about us, we miss the opportunity to experience the richness that God has for our lives, the rest that can be sought, and the guidance for our focus. Take a moment to lay it down, think about how you’re showing up, release the ego, and consider enhancing your confidence by choosing not to go it on your own.

Breaking the Concrete Ceiling: Empowerment Tools for Women


In the chapter Choose Air, the author encourages women to lead with boldness, regardless of circumstance. Women have struggled for millennia to breathe. Today, we have more air above us than at any time in recorded human history. What favors us now is our accelerating interconnectedness, the speed of change, abundant opportunity, the interdependence of solutions, and the impact on one another if we fail. The world cannot afford to waste the talent of women – not in our numbers, not in our intellect, not in our caring, and not in our determination. The future is not about taking over. It is about women and men, collectively and respectfully, using all of our foresight, insight, and capacity to design transformational solutions for our world. When we stand together in a place of trust, leveraging our gifts and talents for the betterment of all, we create the moment where hope, intention, and reality blur. Take a moment to analyze what is suffocating you and the steps you need to take to choose air. Break through your concrete ceiling and design your enriched personal and professional life.