Succession/Transition Planning

“One of the things we often miss in succession planning is that it should be gradual and thoughtful, with lots of sharing of information and knowledge and perspective, so that it’s almost a non-event when it happens.” — Anne Mulcahy

Board Consultation 4Never have there been so many generations and such a difference in the workforce in family-owned businesses, corporations, and associations as right now. Have you had the key conversations about what happens when leadership changes? Are you bridging the gap between how you’ll run it and how your successors from another generation see things? What financial provisions have been made? How will you be stewards – an ESOP, a sale, silent investors, occasionally active?

For association and non-profit boards, there is nothing more important than your plan to find a new CEO, which is not a search for a person.  It’s a multi-stage process from future strategy through culture clarification to competency description, identification of desired Board/CEO partnership style, change leadership plan, search process design, selection and negotiation with the chosen candidate, creation of the first 100 days, 6 months, and 12 month road map to success, interim assessment planning, and finally, the onboarding process for CEO and Board/CEO partnership.  Most organizations miss several of these steps and underestimate the time necessary to complete this process well.Search Process

We’ll facilitate a series of conversations with your company or association to tee you up for smooth transitions.  Don’t take a chance on, or shortcut, the most important decisions you will make for your organization’s leadership.  Your sustainability through a generational transition depends upon it.  


“FarmHouse International Fraternity selected Cynthia to facilitate our executive director transition, because she took the time to really get to know our organization’s culture, values, and strategic initiatives. She has developed a comprehensive approach to assisting us, which not only includes helping us identify and hire the best candidate, but also includes coaching and assistance to our organization during the critical on-boarding process. Cynthia is uniquely qualified to lead our search because of her extensive connections in the nonprofit sector, experience as both a CEO and consultant, and her reputation as one of the most impactful executive coaches in the field.”

Gabriel Eckert, FASAE, CAE
President, FarmHouse International Fraternity

I first met Cynthia through a job search where I was a candidate for an executive director position. Cynthia had been retained to help with the hiring and on-boarding processes as well as to advise the Board. That was the most organized and efficient interview and screening process I have ever participated in. I did not get that job, but, due to Cynthia’s work, it was a wonderful experience.

I was so impressed I retained her to evaluate and update my job search materials. She helped with redoing my resume and other materials and I was successful very shortly after the implementation of my new resume and letter formats.

Chris Gergeni,
Executive Director, Bayou Country Children’s Museum

CONTACT US to begin your succession planning conversation privately as a company owner, as a family, partnership or senior management team, or to create the conversation among your key employees as you begin a succession transition.

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