Coaching for Boards

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” — Henry Ford

Today’s organizational leadership requires a new level of finessing change, strong and consistent messaging, and courage to address the level of transition essential for success over the next five to ten years. Board members are busy! How and where do we focus and stay accountable?

High Performance Boards

Become strategic, high performance boards, using resources and time for maximum impact as custodians of the future.

Develop competencies as change management masters of organizational dynamics.

Gain insight into the unique skill sets and “a day in the life of” the CEO, what we are asking them to do, and how to operate from partnership.

Simplify governance and master leadership development processes for succession.

Keep your eyes wide open, staying focused on a complex future that is barreling towards you.

Evolve culture, minimize distractions, and strategically lead transformation.

It is true that it is lonely at the top.  The expectations of customers, stockholders, members, donors, stakeholders, the government, the media, Boards, and employees have never been higher.  Creating high performance Board/CEO partnerships is paramount.  The success of these partnerships is not born of for-profit or not-for-profit skill sets.  Those are now simply the base line for entry.

We are in a unique time of transition that has created a need for leadership coaching in order for Boards of Directors to exhibit new leadership competencies, consistently manifest high performance, create purposeful succession planning, transfer valuable knowledge during the generational turnover, and remain relevant.

We are experiencing significantly different generational perceptions of leadership, differing engagement expectations, challenges in identifying successors, and conflicts in understanding Board/CEO roles, as a generation with a strong collaborative preference steps into leadership positions.

Add to this the acceleration of artificial intelligence, robots, driverless cars, the Hyperloop, drones, nanobots, humagrams, and as yet to be identified transformative methods of interacting, and we have a game changer era for which extra vigilance and leaders are required.

A Board Coach partners with the leadership to enhance capacity to manage change and exhibit behaviors to marshal trust and engagement. Partnering those advantages with opening possibility in the middle of the organizational dynamics at play, navigating political nuances, and finessing governance design creates an environment for high performance boards to flourish.

 Consider these elements for board coaching and facilitation:


BOARD OF DIRECTORS COACHING AND FACILITATION PACKAGES can be structured specifically for your needs.

Coaching packages can also be partnered with board orientations and governance remodeling. Whether a one-time unique set of circumstances, regular pre-Board meeting coaching support, or ongoing volunteer or staff leadership development and support; we offer the unique opportunity to partner with a Certified Master Coach and an award-winning CEO with over twenty years experience leading nationally and internationally.

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