Valuable Resources


 Designing Conversations to Serve & Succeed (Published by British Columbia Legal Management Association, Spring 2021)

  CEO Search in The Time of COVID & The Disruptive 2020s – Part II for Boards (Published with Vetted Solutions, August 2020)

   CEO Search in the Time of COVID – Part I For Candidates (Published with Vetted Solutions, May 2020)

   Leading Through Now (Published in GSAE Connections, May 2020)

  Change… Who Me?

  Coaching Investments in the Workforce: Sustainability Strategy & Competitive Advantage

  Strategic Design & Corporate Soul

  Boards, CEOs, & Transformation

  Change Management Plans

  Story-Telling to Become Change Management Masters

  Succession Planning

  The Journey of 15’s

  Partners & Followers: They Watch All the Time

  Strategic Visioning & Planning

  The Honeycomb of Life