Leadership Development

“Survival of the fittest is not the same as survival of the best. Leaving leadership development up to chance is foolish.” — Morgan McCall

Talent acquisition, retention, and development are primary drivers of success. This is not your father’s, grandmother’s, or even your older cousin’s business environment anymore. Opportunities abound for those who choose to develop stellar skill sets and operate at peak performance. We’ll host group programs or individual coaching for your leadership team to soar.

The Leaders’ Catalyst Experience


The Leaders' Catalyst Experience Cover

Participants engage in an interactive, experiential learning process, which is the catalyst to propelling leaders, or aspiring leaders, to new levels of understanding, capacity, and ability.

They will be exposed to strategic visioning, scenario building and translation of planning to implementation, including a deep look at your company, profession, or industry; change management, succession planning, generational transitions, communications, and story-telling, a deep probe into their leadership styles, teamwork, and creation of individual and group leadership development plans for those they lead, along with many other topics and activities.

For those choosing the multi-month program, a leadership project for presentation at the conclusion of the program will drive home the application of the experiential learning process. This program is unique and includes the use of individual coaching sessions, video, social media, music, discussion groups, and personality assessments, among many other tools and activities including encouragement of healthy food, exercise, sleep, and the practice of new professional and personal behaviors throughout the entire program.

Our 7-day program includes a two-day retreat and can be completed under your timetable:


Your leaders and future leaders will walk away with a professional development plan, an online branding & career influencer plan, new risk identification, a scope document for their company, profession, or industry with future scenarios, a 30,000 feet futurist look at what leadership will need to focus upon, the application and practice of change management, a story-telling template, succession planning process and a framework for their career, company and team; organizational culture analysis, creating a coaching culture in the workplace, and much, much more.

In addition, your employees participate in coaching sessions before and after your program to prepare and drive home the new behaviors, understandings, and leadership practices to help them leverage their leadership capacity to the next level.

Participants will receive the Leaders’ Catalyst Guidebook, packed with exercises to be completed during and in-between sessions to build competencies and introspection about their leadership development. Each section is loaded with articles, books, free e-books, and video resources, a challenge to go deeper, and places to log their journey and take-aways.

Join us in creating high performance leaders who are the catalyst to your company or organization’s success. We’ll take you higher and help you stay there!

BOMA GA Leadership 2016

Cynthia conducted our leadership staff retreat. Her leadership and guidance helped us overcome our internal hurdles and focus on how much more we can achieve as a strong team. She showed us the keys to our successes and commitments and how to let go of things that are holding us back. Our staff now trusts each other more and are willing to push each other harder to meet and exceed our expectations and those of the ABC membership. We now fully understand working as a team is a process that is always evolving and changing. Our recognition of this process has helped us to take risks, learn from our failures, and achieve success and growth through excellence. Our team understands our commitments to each other and how this helps us execute ABC of Georgia’s strategic plan.

Bill Anderson, CAE
Executive Director, ABC of Georgia

The BOMA Leadership Masters Program was much more than another leadership class, but a truly unique experience. The entire program was carefully designed to allow participants to step outside their comfort zones, take off their masks and engage deeply with themselves and their classmates. Not only was the content and facilitator amazing, but the interactions and shared experiences with others were a once in a lifetime experience that cannot be taught through reading a book or listening to a lecture. Cynthia Mills, the facilitator, kept the course content interesting with a combination of video, group work, self- reflection and music. She has an amazing gift of leading individuals down a path of transformation and self-renewal in the most delicate and unassuming way. This experience was one of my top personal and professional accomplishments and largely due to the design and facilitation of the course.

Kinsey Hinkson
RPA, Property Manager, Granite Properties

My story is long, and perhaps boring to most, so I’ll keep it to the point. Cynthia has been coaching me for the past several months, as I contemplated making a career change and then after accepting the opportunity. We met through BOMA Georgia’s Masters Leadership program, where she was the developer and instructional leader for this 6-month program. Cynthia has been instrumental in helping me discover my potential as a leader and encourages me to reach beyond any barrier that restricts my personal and professional growth. Her professional, yet compassionate and extensive expertise, has given me the motivation and confidence I’ve needed. I’m a “work in progress” and cannot wait to share how much I’ve grown a year from now. I have the utmost trust in Cynthia and would recommend her to anyone seeking a professional coach or leadership instructor.

Rhoda Washington
Sales Manager, Yanmar

I felt compelled to participate. I brought it to the attention of my then employer to have it turned down. I made the decision to participate on my own as I also began a career transition. Ultimately one of the best investments in myself ever.Right from the start of the first day, you got all of us from all realms of life to take our masks off ( not just lower them) in the first 3 or 4 hours …. As the journey continued there developed a camaraderie, connection and confidentiality in that room more than I have ever experienced anywhere. I now have 15 best friends that I know business wise I can call in a heartbeat and bounce off of with no worry about where it is going or if there is an agenda. This is a huge compliment to you and also to the people that participated in this inaugural class. It was a phenomenal opportunity and adventure to be part of; I entered with a clouded definition and direction pertaining to leadership, role models ,and mentors due to the unique path that I had taken in CRE. I came away with a clear picture of leadership, most of which was who I am but had not recognized or given myself credit for. With a this new confidence, direction and endeavor, I have begun utilizing significant portions of the class material to evaluate, develop and implement, my new teams and processes. This was one of the top 10 experiences that I won’t forget.

The highest compliment I can give to you, Cynthia is that you were able to bring this incredible journey together for us to encounter and experience, knowing that it did change peoples’ lives!!. Thank You

Brad McCahill
Operations Director, Electrical Services, Allied Reliability Group

The CRE Leadership Masters Program was an amazing experience for me on many levels. The tools and information shared, and the learning that transpired was inspirational. The personal growth and development that each of us absorbed, not only made us better leaders, it made us better human beings. We learned so much from each other and of course having the program facilitated by Cynthia Mills was simply amazing.The thing that we all admire the most about working with Cynthia is that she JUST simply get’s it. She understands that you can’t force the psyche to conform to a certain idea or influence it in a predestine direction. She understands and demonstrates that level of awareness in every interaction, every exchange, and every moment she’s in your presence.

The way the course was designed, it allows the energy of a group or individual to flow in the direction that it naturally wants to flow. The way Cynthia guides and facilitates an energy produces amazing results because her natural style allows for so much creativity and freedom of expression. It’s a pleasure to work with someone holding that much compassion and awareness that so effortlessly produces profound results!

Russell Copeland
Senior Facilities, Manager, Cushman & Wakefield

Cynthia Mills led an intensive leadership program through an organization I have been involved with for many years. The training spanned the course of five months, and throughout that time, I grew as a leader within both my company and my family. Cynthia was able to help connect the values and principles taught in her course to every aspect of my life. I grew as a person, as a mother, and as a friend; growing as a leader within my company came naturally with my personal growth. Cynthia was tasked with helping 14 employees become stronger leaders, but instead she helped 14 people become stronger beings. I have learned so much and gained the ability to confront every obstacle and barrier to success in a way that will allow me to become a leader within my industry.

Amanda Morrison
Property Manager, Parkway Realty Services

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