Coaching Packages

Getting Started

Exploration: Our first conversation involves introductions, a discussion of the reasons for seeking a coaching partnership, goals you plan to achieve or your desire to define them through coaching, and how the coaching relationship works. In order for the partnership to be successful, it is important for the coach and coachee to have a synergy.

Sessions: The coachee determines how long the engagement lasts (beyond a four session minimum), topics of discussion, and progress made regarding commitment to the intended outcomes.

Each client will complete a profile to provide insights into the process prior to the first session. Whether professional/executive, career, or life coaching, sessions usually last one hour and are held at mutually agreed upon times. Some clients meet monthly, some every two weeks, some as needed, and others are on the “NOW” plan.

There are no geographic limitations to coaching, as much of it is conducted via phone or Skype. In-person coaching is also available at the client’s request.

Agreements: An agreement will be signed between the coach and coachee outlining roles, expectations, and terms. If the client’s corporation or employer is paying for the coaching, clarity around confidentiality is included in order for the relationship to create a safe space for the coachee.

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Coaching packages for the CEO, Officers/Executive Committee or Board can also be bundled with board orientations, board facilitation of difficult topics, or governance remodeling.

Whether a one-time unique set of circumstances, regular pre-Board meeting coaching support, or ongoing volunteer or staff leadership development and support; we offer the unique opportunity to partner with a Certified Master Coach and an award-winning CEO, with over twenty years experience leading boards nationally and internationally.

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Coaching packages for individual professionals, executives or teams will be structured based on the development needs required. They may include leading a leadership team retreat, building team capacity, preparing for succession, working with individual professionals prior to or after promotions, dealing with multiple generations in the workplace, helping a professional find a new career path, getting “unstuck” professionally, onboarding, and etc. A Certified Master Coach and national/international CEO, who has led diverse teams and helped others achieve successful careers is available to partner with you or your team.

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A partner to walk beside you as you journey unfolds helps you achieve clarity, uncover stumbling blocks, challenge self-limiting beliefs, define who you choose to be, set boundaries, and design a life that maximizes your potential and your calling. A coaching package will be structured that leads you through your dreams on your time table, while we explore managing “the stuff of life,” and prepare you to emerge from your cocoon for the next phase of life.

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