Our Clients

Requirements for Success

Successful client partnerships are formed when we are able to maximize the following together:

Successful Client Engagements Require:

Premier of the documentary "Rudy Ruettiger: The Walk On," chronicling his persistence as a key to success
Premier of the documentary “Rudy Ruettiger: The Walk On,” chronicling his persistence as a key to success
OPENNESS: To explore and design alternatives to lead you from where the present is confining you to a new future

WILLINGNESS: To consider committing to alternative scenarios, cultural, or behavioral changes

ENGAGEMENT: Dedicated participation by all parties to create the desired outcomes, with our partnership viewed as a priority for success

COURAGE: To act; releasing fears, removing blockages or barriers to propel forward movement

ESTABLISHMENT OF APPROPRIATE BOUNDARIES: Professionally or personally, and supporting the same for your team

ACCOUNTABILITY: Enlisting partners and articulating definitions of success to everyone involved and impacted

RESOURCES: A realistic understanding of the resources available, or the ability to create them, in order to accomplish the desired outcomes

TLH appreciates:

Sending RFPs far enough in advance that we can have a briefing conversation to understand your needs and respond with a tailored RFP.Recognizing that a thorough RFP response and development of your tailored program takes time.

Understanding that after the awarding of an RFP, the outstanding experiences involve a partnership and co-creation together.

Providing us, well in advance, with the details of the logistics involved in our arrival and departure, property location, meeting room name, time, and expectations/invitations to join leaders for meals or pre-meetings.

Having projectors, speakers, and wireless available in meeting rooms, so participants can hear all content and also to allow for alternate delivery methods. If we’re designing strategy, we’ll need at least 3 flip charts. TLH will bring a laptop and thumb drive too.