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Business & Servant Leaders:

The Deeper Work of Leadership

Mills is interviewed by Mary Byers on The Deeper Work of Leadership, especially in this era when the 2020s were always going to be the most transformational decade any of us will ever lead through.

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Live from Studio 6B Interview

Mills interview on change, leadership development, boards and business, and young professionals

Executive Leader Radio Interview
Mills is interviewed by the #1 business weekly radio show in the nation on formative years and leadership impact. Get to know some of her backstory and how yours may be shaping you as well.
Being Facilitators of Organizational Dynamics

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Soul Sitters:

Soul Sittin’ to Reconnect, Redesign, & Renew
“Transforming Lives into Callings”

Listen to Cynthia’s presentation on “Transforming Lives into Callings”

Transforming Lives into Callings

Elisa Gary’s Interview of Cynthia Mills on “Transforming Lives into Callings”

“Returning to the Heavenly Front Porch”

Listen to “Returning to the Heavenly Front Porch”; a chapter from “The Empty Front Porch: Soul Sittin’ to Design Your porch to Porch Plan”