Creating the Magic

Innovation, breakthroughs, stellar sales, growth, strategic leaps; we yearn for those moments when it all comes together. Whether it’s a scientist who through years of observation, in an instant, spots what is now the obvious solution or the writer who has conducted painstaking historical research to author the masterpiece; or the sports team that has … Continue reading Creating the Magic

Where Leadership Begins

While everyone has lots of tryptophan running through their systems from extra helpings of turkey, we feel cozy and safe wrapped in the warmth of our family’s presence during the holiday season. When we come together with all of our glorious differences, we recognize the dynamics of life we have to negotiate during even the … Continue reading Where Leadership Begins

When It Works

I’ve had the distinct pleasure and honor to partner with leaders of a variety of organizations and companies. Where there is vision and passion mixed with competency, drive, and resources; there is an unmistakable flow and repetitive success that builds on each incremental improvement and achievement.  The momentum accelerates. More people want to buy, participate, … Continue reading When It Works

Your Life’s Open Rate

Anybody involved in business today knows that communication with the customer requires getting above the noise of everything flooding at us – tweets, video, RSS feeds, blogs, digital newsletters, streaming content, texts, and targeted emails.  It’s all about SEO maximization, pushing content and open rates.  An open rate gives you an idea of whether your … Continue reading Your Life’s Open Rate

The Shift

There is no greater joy in life than watching others’ exceed their expectations of themselves.  My journey has afforded me the opportunity to walk with leaders and developing professionals as they reach and stretch, doubt and fall short, dream and try, and fail and get back up.  Whether an individual, company or organization, the moments … Continue reading The Shift

Stewarding Others’ Dreams

When we’re little, we think about getting our first bike and then getting to play with our siblings in their advanced on-line video gaming world. Then we want our own mini iPad and smart phone. When we’re teenagers, we think about that first car and really hope it has sizzling style. As newlyweds, we may think about moving from an apartment … Continue reading Stewarding Others’ Dreams

The List

We get up each morning with the known before us – or as I call it “The List.” There is one at home.  There is one at the office.  There is one that includes responsibilities to other people and commitments. There is the one full of dreams to get to one day. We move from … Continue reading The List

Custodians of the Future

John Kabat-Zinn’s quote, “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf” was recently shared with me by a colleague.  It brought to mind the many leaders I have watched not just learning, but UN-learning, in order to remain relevant in the present, while trying to reposition their companies and organizations against an … Continue reading Custodians of the Future

Inquiring instead of Accusing

It’s about 3:30 PM on a Monday. Outlook is bulging from an email binge. Your cell is hot to touch from Gen Y texts.  VMs from boomers are stretching your phone network capacity. Requests to like vendors’ Facebook pages are exponentially mounting up. LinkedIn invitations and recommendation requests need attention. You’ve had meetings scheduled back … Continue reading Inquiring instead of Accusing

Waking Up

I was blessed with the opportunity to participate with a diverse group of peers who spent concentrated time together examining our lives.  Our days together were created in a confidential setting so that the space was there for us to be fully present, completely authentic, and wholly open to what the experience could bring to … Continue reading Waking Up