When God Works Your Future Before The Influencers are Even Born – “Thank you, my friends”

When I was 13, my parents and I started going to a campground, which birthed a lifelong friendship between the owners’ extended family and us. One of the family members had her first child the second year, and she immediately crept into my heart like a daughter or a baby sister. Little did I know, … Continue reading When God Works Your Future Before The Influencers are Even Born – “Thank you, my friends”

Your Life’s Open Rate

Anybody involved in business today knows that communication with the customer requires getting above the noise of everything flooding at us – tweets, video, RSS feeds, blogs, digital newsletters, streaming content, texts, and targeted emails.  It’s all about SEO maximization, pushing content and open rates.  An open rate gives you an idea of whether your … Continue reading Your Life’s Open Rate

Waking Up

I was blessed with the opportunity to participate with a diverse group of peers who spent concentrated time together examining our lives.  Our days together were created in a confidential setting so that the space was there for us to be fully present, completely authentic, and wholly open to what the experience could bring to … Continue reading Waking Up

New Beginnings

As we head into a New Year, many of us make promises to ourselves about how we are going to live our lives differently. We sense the opportunity for second chances and arbitrarily focus on it when the calendar changes. We seek renewal again and again and again in our lives, when in fact, a new beginning … Continue reading New Beginnings

Just Being

I’m reminded of the lyrics from Paul Simon’s song “The Sounds of Silence” when I consider just being. Think about any normal day and what transpires. We get up in the morning to the accompaniment of some type of noise – an alarm clock, the smart phone alarm, the TV, music, kitchen sounds, or showers … Continue reading Just Being

Collecting Experiences

My Grandfather played a remarkable role in my development in many ways, but with one small purchase, he planted seeds that continue to influence my life today.  He bought me a subscription to National Geographic. Most people would immediately assume that this was part of educating me to become a citizen of the world, and … Continue reading Collecting Experiences

Going Off the Grid

Our world today contrives to make us fill up every second of our lives; so much so that we don’t take the time to consider how we are using the most important finite resource we have. We just keep doing, and all of a sudden another year has passed. When I think back to pre-Internet, … Continue reading Going Off the Grid

First Thing Every Morning

Enjoy this beautiful reminder from Simple Truths that we can control how we approach and experience our days. First Thing Every Morning