Being an Extraordinary Woman Leader

I was recently asked to create a workshop around this topic, and as I began to do so, my first thoughts were…..Wow – that comes with a lot of loaded questions.Why would we distinguish being a woman leader from being a leader?  Should we? Shouldn’t we?  Should we tailor education and training opportunities for women leaders … Continue reading Being an Extraordinary Woman Leader

Be Astute as You Navigate

Leaders must learn the difference between confidence and arrogance – when leading, when attempting to rise within their organizations and companies, when interviewing for positions, and when attempting to become an influencer. Let’s take the example of engaging with your boss and determining whether you want to influence, convince, or discourage the leader.  Influencing means … Continue reading Be Astute as You Navigate

The Knowledge Transfer Gulf

When researching for a keynote on the workforce crisis, I came across troubling statistic after troubling statistic. The most worrisome has to do with intentionality around developing people and therefore transferring not just knowledge but nuances, judgment calls, behavioral impacts, and the leadership expertise necessary to influence and rally to a cause. Effective leadership is … Continue reading The Knowledge Transfer Gulf

If Your Leadership is a Mess, Your Strategy Won’t Matter

We had a FABULOUS strategic visioning retreat. The research we conducted was future reaching. The input the staff provided on organizational capacity was inspiring. The right facilitator was hired and had tremendous chemistry with our leaders. The Board was on fire with innovation and creating long-term sustainability. The initial storyline was constructed that would allow … Continue reading If Your Leadership is a Mess, Your Strategy Won’t Matter

Chief Partner Officer

In the association and non-profit worlds, the titles of the leader continue to vary: CEO, President, President & CEO, Chief Staff Officer, Executive Director, Executive Director & CEO, Executive Vice President, occasionally COO, and so on. To mirror the corporate world, which also helps tell the story of who is in charge, and to differentiate … Continue reading Chief Partner Officer

3-D Strategy

I see it every day – companies, organizations, and leaders, choosing to live 2-D strategy to accomplish visions for their future, instead of a vibrant 3-D experience. Sometimes, we choose because we don’t know how. The muscles for risk tolerance, innovation, & creativity have not been developed. We need to place ourselves in educational and … Continue reading 3-D Strategy

Catastrophizing Your Way to Success!

The big opportunity has presented itself. You’ve been offered the dream promotion you’ve worked so hard for, and you nervously accept it. Or your company gets the opportunity to do the joint venture with the big name partner with which you’ve always wanted to be associated. In a split second, it starts. What if I’ve … Continue reading Catastrophizing Your Way to Success!

All is Calm, All is Bright

It’s that time of year, when we WISH all was calm and bright, as we rush to wrap up the year, get plans in place for the next year, and run from one holiday party to another. Leaders and employees are struggling with overwhelm.  The sands are shifting beneath our feet.  We’re trying to get … Continue reading All is Calm, All is Bright