Risk and Learn

Shifting a company or board culture from dashboards, measurable objectives, and numbers to “risk and learn” is a journey to sophisticated decision-making and ongoing innovation. We have become so entrenched in the terminology of the dashboard and yet are unskilled in understanding its appropriate application. We have ignored the development of the subsequent decision-making process … Continue reading Risk and Learn

“The Big Secret” Teaser – Book Launching May 4!

……..Much has been written about Southwest Airline’s alignment, marketplace disruption, and enduring success. Fueling employees’ devotion, passengers’ enthusiasm, and financial fruits, Southwest is a true illustration of positive alignment of vision, values, leadership, behavior, and rewards for all parties – employees, stockholders, and customers. The resulting impact was leveraged exponentially, magnified, and shared! More recently, alleged improprieties … Continue reading “The Big Secret” Teaser – Book Launching May 4!

They Need You to Let Go

Organizations and people go through developmental arcs. Sometimes the perfect strategy, business environment, talent, resources, and messaging align like the stars. Leaders are collaborative, communicative, and innovative. Employees are engaged, change masters, and motivated. Risk-taking is measured and effective. The focus is on maximizing possibility and not fixation on metrics. Yes, metrics have their place, … Continue reading They Need You to Let Go

The Big Question

Mid-career professionals considering whether to quit their job and go after the big dream; students at the professional doorstep deciding on a major and a life path; the unexpected job offer; deciding whether and whom to marry; committing to having children – there is usually one key question left dangling in the middle of all … Continue reading The Big Question


“What a shame. That’s unfortunate. Wow. I would never have believed….” Disappointment, that’s what happens when imperfect people, and we all are, fall short of the mark in leadership. Whether personally involved or not, when it becomes public, regardless of whether it’s in our little office circle, in the whole company, or in the press, … Continue reading Shame

Why Did You Say, “Yes?”

As we move towards each other for meetings and teleconferences, and past each other, racing from task to task, we sometimes collide. Other times, we effortlessly meld into one glorious ballet of angelic music, harmony, and athletic poetry. In the business world, we label it teamwork or collaboration or synchrony, and we strive with all … Continue reading Why Did You Say, “Yes?”