Get On With Changing


You’ve created the strategic vision, mission, outcomes, and strategies, so everyone should be ready to go!  You’ve distributed a digital copy, a paper copy, and it’s on your website. You’re tweeting and blogging about it and talking about it at every employee meeting. Every department has their piece of it.  Everyone has the deadline dates.  You’re doing things differently so you remain relevant to your customers. What is everyone waiting for?

Why isn’t everybody behaving differently?  Why aren’t our processes being adjusted?  Why are we still talking about THAT?  Why isn’t change just happening?  We’ve talked about how essential it is to do things in a new way around here so that our customers are happy and everyone has a job. We’ve got competitors ready to gobble us up.  Let’s go!!!

There are a few things you may want to ask before assuming everyone is on board and implementation is going to occur quickly.

  • What is the enormity of the change you are asking them to sign onto?
  • What are you asking them to leave behind?
  • How quickly are you asking them to make the journey?
  • What are you asking them to learn – how much and how fast?
  • What are you asking them to simply accept and move on?
  • What venues do they have to process, ask, vent, share, and form new bonds and understandings?
  • How are you being? What behaviors are you showing towards them?
  • How much do they think you care, feel, see, and understand?
  • Where are you in the process? – Yes, YOU!!


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